Przaśnik – Azymic LP



A1 Piggyback Ride
A2 Kind Of A Thing
A3 Sueno Tropical
A4 Doo That
A5 Rome-Palermo One Way (Version)

B1 Kenyatta
B2 Barber On A Dancefloor
B3 Piggyback Ride (Igor Boxx Remix)
B4 Kinda Bouyant Thing (Kosmos Radio re-Swing)

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After two successful 7″ singles we are releasing the full material with seven new tracks and two exclusive remixes.

Who is Przasnik?
A musical and social project of a truly roistering nature that originated in Wrocław – the capital of Lower Silesia. Created at the junction point of common musical inspirations, as well as a passion for solving sonic jigsaw puzzles. In days of yore, you could listen to the melodies from Bonton and Enzak thanks to the friendly people at Artificial Bliss Recordings, Jon Kennedy Federation, Qulturapu or even Ninja Tune. As Przaśnik, the signed with Funky Mamas and Papas Recordings, while their old hits fill the vinyl records released by the JuNouMi crew. Przaśnik has a preference for organic sounds. Spontaneous sound and a classical choice of jazz instruments complemented by a touch of synthetics, broken drum patterns and a modern feeling. Their audio-video sets and live acts are predominantly boluses of dancefloor jazz, swinging funk, jump blues, retro swing, rushing etno and afrobeat, latino groove, top-notch, energetic breakbeat and golden-era hip-hop.

What is Azymic?
Created in a laid-back atmosphere during non-committal sessions in the home studios of two Michals, Azymic is more of a compilation than a single-thread monolith. A compilation of numbers that originate in lots of sources and contexts, a specific aggregate of compilations, moods, and ending up on club dancefloors. It is a space where tunes of various shades, traits and temperaments meet. They are all, however – and without any exceptions -dedicated to those legs that are ever ready to dance.
The official tracklist:

Side A:
A1. Piggyback Ride
A2. Kind of a Thing
A3. Sueno Tropical
A4. Doo That
A5. Rome-Palermo One way (Version)

Side B:
B1. Kenyatta
B2. Barber on a Dancefloor
B3. Piggyback Ride (Igor Boxx remix)
B4. Kinda Bouyant Thing (Kosmos radio re:Swing)

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