en2ak – Celestial Toyroom CD



A1 3irth
A2 Edwards’ Short Circut
A3 A Fistful Of Datas
A4 Intolerable Kid
A5 Deranged Ortodontist
A6 The Silence Of The LAN

B1 Mud Desert
B2 Smoke
B3 Who Mourns For An Android?
B4 Carpenter In A Casino
B5 A Battle Of Wits

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released also on vinyl and CD [UKM 006]

en2ak – Edwards’ Short Circut vimeo.com/21922508
en2ak – Who Mourns for an Android? ft. Seb Zillnervimeo.com/23123277
en2ak – Mud Desert vimeo.com/23470027


released 23 May 2011
UKM 005
mastering: plugaudiomastering.com
cover: Otecki

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